Outstanding professionals, with the enthusiasm and expertise to deliver.

The Curve

A diverse group of outstanding professionals, you could call us computer scientists, software engineers or consultants, in reality, we are technology enthusiasts with a broad range of abilities and skills that enable us to design solutions, build systems and embed process improvement within your business.

The Curve offers a range of services to help you deliver on your ambition in the way that’s best for you.


The Curve was founded by the elite group of Engineers and Technology Leaders who previously designed, built and ran the UK's most successful Global Telematics Platform, from the ground up.

United by their passion for technical excellence, best practice and reliable solution delivery the founding team started The Curve to help others execute and deliver upon their ambitions.


Paul Ridgway

CEO and Founder

Paul is an experienced Software Engineer turned Strategic Technology Leader.

Since graduating from The University of Sheffield with a First Class Honours Masters Degree in Software Engineering Paul has turned his hand to Technical and Operational Leadership, co-founding and growing a successful technology start-up in the UK to become a sustainable global business worth millions of pounds and employing over 100 people. In addition to the original design and build of the entire technology stack, he hired and developed a team of over 80 engineers and other technology professionals and led them to deliver high-quality software, on time and on spec, to customers all around the world.

Paul operates successfully at all levels of business working with developers, product teams, leaders and executives, often acting as a bridge between different business functions, translating requirements into specifications, expressing highly technical concepts with easy-to-digest real-world metaphors and designing solutions for complex problems.

Paul's interest in Engineering extends beyond Software to electronics, embedded systems, and other real-world applications.

James Ridgway

CTO and Founder

James is an experienced Software Engineer and Leader of Engineering Teams.

He has worked across numerous technology stacks from android development and web development through to data science analytics and building distributed platforms of microservices. His approach to engineering is quality focused, with an emphasis on consistency, best practice and technical excellence.

James is a Software Engineer by training with a First Class Honours Masters degree in Software Engineering from The University of Sheffield. Throughout James’ career over the last decade, he has been a hands-on-engineer through to leading multiple teams building and deploying scalable applications.

Experienced in technical leadership James has transformed poor-performing, high-attrition teams to delivering regularly and consistently. In transforming teams, James has re-built team cultures, instilled best practices, embedded continuous improvement processes and empowered individuals and teams to achieve.