The Curve offer a range of services designed to support you in achieving your vision and your ambition. Our approach focuses on putting your needs first to ensure you are provided with the right services to succeed.

Solution Delivery

Our flexibility to operate on or off site we can provide a solution delivery service capable of taking an existing or new project in either pre- or post- specification state and support you in delivering the desired result.

Managed Solution

Given a brief we can supply a fully managed solutions, tackling the challenge of designing, engineering, deploying, maintaining and delivering the project in it’s entirely, on time and on budget

Cloud Services

Our team is experienced in delivering solutions inside and outside of the cloud. We’re able to build new solutions in the cloud as well as taking existing services and migrating them to the cloud.


With the ability to consult and assist at any stage of a technical project, from project delivery to lending specialist engineering resource The Curve are able to deploy professionals from our diverse team in an assistive and consultative capacity, adapting to our client’s needs.


Along with the ability to provide direct, hands-on delivery support the Team at The Curve can train and up-skill your team in various areas of engineering, best practices, product delivery and effective leadership techniques.